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Village in Pudukkottai Comes Together - Showing the way to Save Livelihoods

How a Town in Pudukkottai District in Tamilnadu saved Livelihoods of their Farmers.

Farming, an art mastered by few, an occupation of the most importance which over the past few years has lost its value. People have become ignorant to the struggles faced by farmers throughout India. A profession that requires dedication and love like no other has seen a steady decline in the subcontinent over the past few decades.

A small town in Pudukkottai district, in Tamilnadu (a southern state of India) saw something extra-ordinary. They proved to the world that if people did come together to help farmers things could change for the better. An entire town came forward to help their farmers. Tamilnadu a state where the number of severe cyclones and floods have increased dramatically over the past few decades

has struggled to cope with such disasters. The worst hit more often than not (you guessed it right) are the farmers. With months of efforts ruined in just a matter of a few hours the farmers now have no source of income. The scenario in Pudukkottai was similar when Gaja a severe cyclone made landfall. Farmers lost all their crops and the loans just increased. With now way out the only logical thing that farmers felt that they could do was take their lives to ensure they don't live to see the struggles to come in the next few years. But this was not the case in that town. People started a campaign and collected money to help farmers clear out their debts. Contributions were made from every family and farmers were given hope, a society which understood a farmers importance and their problems.

"United we stand Divided we fall" a phrase that has never been more significant than now. With COVID-19 and lockdowns in many parts of the country many people have been pushed below the poverty line. Small businesses are probably the worst affected. With increasing debts and lack of revenue or funds these businesses are closing down, employees are being let off and paying salaries to the ones that remain has become a herculean task. This may not seem to affect most of you reading this right now but on a longer run can have a huge impact. 30% of India's economy depends on these small businesses and if these fail it can cause a rippling effect which would then affect every industry. This isn't something that can be ignored and if we stand united, helping each other out we could improve the lives of many people which in turn would improve our lives. If a small town in Pudukkottai can do it I am sure we could come together and help each other out.

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