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Time to Choose - Reverse Migration or Marching Forward

Have always wondered if old civilisations like the Mayan or Indus and so on, during the the peak of their Civilisation had similar Pandemics, Lifestyle Changes that affected everyone and the slowly the entire civilisation went back to the balances way of living as a society with nature, which is still in existence in many villages across the world.

Is it time for Mankind to decide whether to go and settle in a village start doing farming only for your family needs, farm, eat and sleep for next few years.

Or is it time for of us to join together and kick the negativity and start working on solutions and forward kick starting our livelihoods to ensure this Civilisation thrives by just changing ourselves to become more disciplined, create self sustainable and eco friendly new opportunities and methods.

Let us join hands to burn the negativity and create an opportunity for all humans and nature to co-exist.

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