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Self Discipline - a must for every Citizen to Save Lives and Livelihoods

Updated: May 24, 2021

Having travelled across many countries in the World and almost all corners of India and in every travel, I make friends with the locals to understand their lifestyles, disciplines and what they love about their country and what made them what they are.

This was my first time travelling to Singapore and I was wondering how did this small country hardly the size of an Union Territory in India, has developed so much and was excited to find the streets so clean, the traffic so well disciplined following lanes, traffic signals and not honking even if there was a crowd walking on the road in front, wherein here we have riders honking even during these lockdown days on empty roads.

I started talking to every person I met in Singapore to understand what made them to become a developed country. Believe it or not, they where in worse conditions than India some 30 years back and had a mixture of cultures and people from various countries.

It was not the Government alone that believed and wanted to develop, every citizen in the country wanted the same and we're ready and sacrificed themselves and worked hard to build the nation with discipline.

Today you will not see even one citizen spitting on the road, throwing dirt on the road, not following traffic rules or important Government guidelines that help them and their nation. It is just because they believe and have the discipline to follow.

I also remember another incident when I was traveling in Spain with a few friends of mine from India, my friends purchased some snacks like chips packets and so on for the travel. In most advanced countries, there is a rule that public should not eat or litter in public transport or areas, it helped in keeping the place always clean and minimum maintenance was needed. As we were traveling in the train my friends started getting hungry and started eating the chips and there was this old couple who walked pass us and asked us we must be so hungry and smiled at us. But they did not eat anything in the train until they reached their destination.

Discipline can be taught, but can be implemented only out of self belief and self practice.

As Indians, we now need to build disciplines, make sacrifices and hold hands to Save both Lives ans Livelihoods of our Brothers and Sisters of this great Nation.

Join hands with us and we shall change the Nation with Self Discipline and Hard Work.

Let us make this country a better place to live for future generations.

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