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Employment generation to Save Livelihoods and Build a better Society

Updated: May 24, 2021

CDAK Foundation, aims to set up a Resource Pool, offering jobs to skilled and unskilled work force that will be deployed to various common causes like,

  1. Corona Warriors - to help the Government to meet manpower requirements to fight the war against Covid.

  2. Traffic Coordinators - helping the Traffic Police in ensuring inculcating self discipline to follow traffic rules. Continuous Training and awareness sessions will be conducted across schools, offices and near Traffic Signals.

  3. Identify infrastructure development needs in coordination with the government and other NGOs and people of specific locations and specific needs and create teams out of the resource pool to develop such infrastructure by providing manpower and operations skills.

  4. Set up an Entrepreneur and Innovation Centre for Futuristic and Sustainable Ideas, fund them and enable them to be operational.

  5. Develop a pool of Skilled labour force across dying art forms and creating Sustainable Opportunities for their Development and the Betterment of the Skills.

  6. Gurukulam's will be formed with an aim to develop and inculcate Common Social Disciplines, Social Awareness, Self Development, Skills Identification and Enhancement, develop future generations who are Socially Disciplined and Excell in their skills towards Achieved their Goals and the bigger Society called Mother Earth.

  7. And lots more...ideas and thoughts are welcome. Sign up in our website and share your thoughts and ideas.

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