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Can I meet even any one exps this month - EB, Rent, EMIs, School Fees, Medical exps, Food

There are lakhs and lakhs of people who have lost businesses and their jobs in sectors affected by the Pandemic and Lockdowns.

Every salaried middle Income Indian has savings to sustain from 3 months to 6 months, without any income.

Every small Business entity can survive upto 2 months without any earnings.

The first wave and Lockdowns had mostly eaten into the reserves of many and many had slowly started recovering post the first wave in terms of Livelihoods and this second wave and Lockdowns has again affected these sectors and individuals drastically.

Many have taken personal loans or business loans either for a need or a development, and for or no fault of theirs, the source of income to repay these loans have been completely locked due to job losses or income losses due to lockdowns and restrictions.

We have people from Iron wallas, to accountants, to managers to transport drivers and owners, to business owners across various industries that have been partially or completely shut down due to the impact of the lockdowns and restrictions approaching us to help them. All they need is just a helping hand and a boost to be on their own again.

They all say, I can have my child not going to school for a few years, cut down on our rent and food. But how are we going to manage EB, government fees for businesses, our medical expenses and EMIs

As far as EMI's are concerned Government, can help them by writing off all loans of individuals and businesses directly affected for no fault of theirs, similar to the number of times agricultural loans have been written off.

But as individuals we can also Contribute through this campaign to save Lives and Livelihoods. As mentioned in our earlier blog a contribution of Rs.6808/- by every citizen can pay off all bank loans of every Indian in this country.

The Foundation has already provided hope to individuals who have lost jobs by providing monetary assistance, we can help a lot more and also provide working capital assistance and funds to both individuals and businesses to kick themselves back.

A small hope, will give tremendous Hope and Confidence to all of them to build themselves back. All they need is just a rope to climb upon.

Visit our website and donate generously to help our fellow Indians.

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