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CDAK Foundation, is a Charitable Trust that aims to be a Catalyst to Revive the Livelihoods and provide Hope and Opportunities to People affected by the pandemic and provide a platform to fight back and be a backbone for development of the Community in the areas of

1. Education & Health Care

2. Entrepreneurships & Job creation

3. B2C Platform

4. Development of Arts, Culture & Eco Friendly Initiatives

5. Community Halls and Shelter

The Belief Statement of the CDAK Foundation Model is the Power of Sharing and Caring as a community with a small contribution that can Save Lives, Livelihoods and Create Sustainable Development Platforms for future Generations and the Environment

CDAK Foundation will develop a Sharing Community of Donors and Beneficiaries across locations, setting an example to all generations that a consistent small contribution by every Human Being can make a Positive Change all around

And we believe all it takes to make a Life Long Change and Give Hope is just Rs.100/- a month 

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